To achieve a good picture, the images provided should have good quality. If it is possible for my location at the time of the order, I can go to yours, take the photographs and meet the model.

Support, technique and size.

L' Atelier uses natural supports for creating its works. The drawing is generally traced in media such as paper or canvas. In addition, the studio offers others mediums, as wood, which has always fascinated me its color and its texture. Why use it for drawing? Skin and rind are joined on a single element to get skin as optical and tactile effect. You have the opportunity to choose the material (among wood, paper or canvas) and the size, fitting it to your idea of your portrait. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any advice.


Before I start drawing, I'll plan the work schedule according with the client. Upon receiving the images of the model we specify the delivery date.

Packaging and framed

There is a special packaging for events or gifts, which must be specify at the time of the order. Also, there is the option to frame but its cost is excluded from the price of the portrait.

Place your order

If you are thinking about making an order, write me with not compromise and I’ll reply you the different options.